Testimonials from Previous Worcestershire Students


TESTIMONIAL: The session was extremely informative with lots of tips and instruction on how to cope with the motorhome and drive better in general. Anita was very patient and helpful - thank you!.
Anita has 'nerves of steel' and is very patient. Would highly recommend to anyone - thank you!
MOTORHOME TRAINING - C North - Middlesex
Driver One: I was pleased to find a driving instructor who could help me to understand the different techniques I would need to drive this 24 ft long motorhome. I have found the training immensely useful and I am most grateful for Anita’s teachings and advice. Thank you, I now have more confidence in keeping myself and others safe! Driver Two: First class training, wouldn’t hesitate to recommend. Learnt a lot, especially that I need to re-read the Highway Code! Thank you very much.
MOTORHOME TRAINING - S and S Dixon - Bristol
Driver One - Very useful and ironed out a few bad habits I had formed over the years - thank you Anita! Driver Two - Very useful practise.  Lots of very useful guidance on manoeuvring too - thank you Anita!
MOTORHOME TRAINING - J and A Fryer - Swindon
I have had fantastic tuition from your company today.  Anita was so helpful, patient, and gave me great tips to avoid crunching those gears.  Would highly recommend your motorhome and campervan driver training sessions.  Thank you!

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Instructor Training

Thanks to your guidance I passed my Part 3 on 6 August 2014 in Birmingham! Thanks again for your assistance. (Ex Policeman)
Mark K (Ex Policeman) - 'Thanks to your guidance I passed my Part 3'
Having decided to train to become an ADI I did loads of research  into the best route to take  for the training, including contacting all the large driver training companies. I soon decided the independent route was the one for me! I was looking for an  instructor  who was based in my location who would offer ‘pay as you go’ and ‘one to one’ in car instruction. After several  meetings with other companies, I met  up with Anita from AHD and decided to train with her. Having  passed Parts 1 & 2 and about to take Part 3, I have to admit, it is much more involved than I first thought and can confirm that Anita has a great approach to having to explain everything more than several times to me! The in car lessons are always ‘one to one’ and are both pleasurable and challenging. I definitely made the right choice going down the independent route, and have nothing but praise for Anita and her teaching style and driving knowledge.    
Nick R - 'have praise for Anita and her teaching style and driving knowledge'
I am an ADI with 8 years experience of running a driving school in Worcestershire. Following a poor check test result I decided to enlist the help of a driving school to help with my preparation for the next test. I chose AHD Driver Training Ltd in Worcester because I had heard of their good reputation.  I found their help and advice of enormous benefit and I have learnt a great deal as well, but more to the point I achieved the Standards Check result that I wanted. I intend to continue to use their services to further my continued professional development and I would not hesitate to recommend their services to anyone, whether for Standards Check preparation, CPD or even learning to drive.
Jeremy K - 'help and advice of enormous benefit and I have learnt a great deal as well'
After passing ADI part 1 and 2 I needed a school to develop my instruction skills and reach the required standard for part 3 (Instruction Ability). I commenced training with AHD in September 2011. Following our first meeting I knew instinctively that I had chosen the right organisation. Anita explained the course content but reminded me it would be hard work. I wasn’t sure how to structure my lessons but Anita explained that she could be flexible and would tailor the course to suit my needs. We soon settled into a routine and Anita monitored my progress accordingly. Anita is very experienced at driving tuition and in particular teaching PDI’s. The training is challenging, however Anita generates a very warm friendly environment and will put you at ease when things go wrong. I passed my ADI part 3 on my first attempt and I believe this was due to the high standard of tuition given to me.
RB - 'a very warm friendly environment and will put you at ease when things go wrong'
Anita was helpful and informative and played an important role in my passing part 2 of the ADI Qualifying tests. I have now passed part 3 - fantastic!
JS -'helpful and informative'

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Fleet Training

Good refresher on some forgotten legislation and eye-opener and other excellent guidance for driving routines. Thank you Anita!
Lee F (PF Hereford) - 'Excellent guidance for driving routines!'
Clear instruction and helpful tips on driving and manoeuvres. Refresher training on Highway Code too! Excellent and thought provoking.
Diana O (RM Witney) - 'Excellent!'
Very worthwhile course and learnt from it. Now understand my areas for improvement. Thank you Anita!
John Mac. (RM Tewkesbury) - 'Very worthwhile course.'
Very useful information regarding driving that I knew, but was good to have a few reminders!
Andrew W (RM Gloucester) - 'Very useful information.'
I found the course to be exceptional the way Anita presented and trained me. It was to a very high standard. Big thanks to Anita!
Andrew L (RM Dudley) - 'The course was exceptional!'

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