Online Campervan and Motorhome Driver Awareness Course

This course is not for motorists who have been caught speeding via a speed camera, and have had notification of such in the post. We DO NOT offer this type of course.
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At AHD Driver Training Ltd, we are now able to offer a unique opportunity of attending an ‘Online Campervan and Motorhome Driver Awareness Course’. You are able to attend from the comfort of your own home or even whilst sat ‘in’ your own campervan or motorhome!

Anita has been asked so many times by drivers to put together online courses and particularly in the case of where a campervan or motorhome owner may live in an area too far away from our training venue but still needs the theory to support their training and getting themselves ‘on the road’.

A theory online Driver Awareness Course can be mixed with a practical ‘on-road’ driver training session if required.

We are still able to offer either a half day or full day’s Campervan or Motorhome training course ‘on-road’.

Anita, who would be your ‘host’ of the online training session and is a well-known ‘face’ of online courses already in the driver training industry, as well as in other educational settings, is able to offer this innovative opportunity to you.

If you are interested in finding out more information, particularly in what we can offer regarding what is included in the courses, please contact Anita on 07983 881013 for further information to take part in this exciting and fun, ‘online’ session!


“Anita was excellent, she was engaging, encouraging, non-judgemental and was very good at including all attendees.” (Online course client)

“The style of Anita was excellent. The right level of serious content mixed with humour led to a hugely informative and thought-provoking session.”
(Online course client)

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