Motorway Driving Lessons In Worcestershire

From Monday 4 June 2018, learner drivers will be able to take driving lessons on motorways in England, Scotland and Wales.

This will help to make sure more drivers know how to use motorways safely.

How the change will work

Learner drivers will need to be:

  • accompanied by an approved driving instructor
  • driving a car fitted with dual controls

Any motorways lessons will be voluntary and it will be up to the driving instructor to decide when the learner driver is competent enough for them to drive on the motorway.

Motorway driving isn’t being introduced to the driving test as part of this change.


If you have already passed your practical driving test and require driver training on the motorway we can help you with this either within a dual controlled vehicle or in your own vehicle.  If the training takes place in your vehicle you will need to ensure that you have a mirror fitted to the passenger side for the driving instructor.

Whether you are someone that has just passed their test, or you are an experienced driver requiring a motorway refresher session, AHD Driver Training Ltd will be able to help you in the following areas:

  • Developing your skill at driving on motorways and multi-lane carriageways
  • Joining the motorway – which lane is which?
  • Use the system in – signalling, acceleration, observation, adapting to higher speeds, lane discipline, overtaking, taking and giving information, leaving yourself room to manoeuvre, being overtaken.
  • Leaving the motorway
  • Bad weather conditions on fast-moving roads – fog, rain, snow, sleet and ice, high winds, bright sun.
  • Other hazards – debris, lane closures

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