Booking an INTENSIVE driving course

Should I book an intensive driving course?

Before you book your intensive driving course; usually you have already passed your theory test.  If you haven’t, then just book it for whilst you are taking your intensive driving course – it’s that simple!

You may have heard people talk about ‘crash course’, ‘fast track’, ‘intensive’, ‘semi-intensive‘, and they all basically mean the same thing, it’s just ‘jargon’.

It is up to you whether you decide to take one or two hourly lessons and once a week, twice a week, or every other week, or though we would recommend weekly lessons, so that you retain the information and build on the knowledge given.

Some reasons ‘why’ you may decide to book a semi-intensive course:

It may be that you have already taken a driving test previously and failed, when you decide to contact us, and now you are looking to get your 2nd driving test booked and out the way, especially if you need to drive for a new job.

You may have learnt to drive with another driving instructor and for whatever reason decided to come to us.  You may have been learning with them taking an hour’s lesson each week and been told that you are still not ready for your test.  You may just need some confidence building with a different person looking at what you can do.  We offer a 2 hour assessment whereby we can look at the standard of driving you are currently at, and work out a plan for you, charged at the normal hourly lesson rate.

‘Semi-Intensive (2 hours per day)’

You may decide to opt for 2 hours per day over 4 weeks, which is good for a person who works shifts. Please note that the price for a 2 hour course per day is charged at £270 in blocks of 10 hour lessons.

10 hours at £270 (offer rate)*
MUST be booked as ‘2 hourly’ lessons over several days within a week.

*Prices may vary – please contact us at time of booking.