What should I expect on my FIRST driving lesson?

For someone thinking about starting to learn to drive, classed sometimes as either a ‘beginner’ or ‘learner’, there are some things that you should consider first:

When telephoning a Driver Training Company to book driving lessons they will ask whether you are already in receipt of your provisional licence and paperpart (as from 8 June 2015 the photocard counterpart will not be valid and no longer be issued by the DVLA).  The provisional driving licence must be presented to the Driving Instructor on your first driving lesson.  If you are not in receipt of your provisional driving licence when you contact a driver training company, they will not book your lessons / offer suitable dates and ask you to contact them again when you have received the licence.

As from Monday 8 June 2015, when you book driving lessons with AHD Driving School you will be asked to provide your ‘full name’, ‘driving licence number’, ‘National Insurance Number’ and ‘Post code’ in order to check your driving licence details and current home address with the DVLA.  Any information you give us will be given in the strictest confidence.  Naturally, you can instead, go online to the DVLA website and print off the information yourself to give to your driving instructor on your first driving lesson with us.

If you apply for your driving licence ‘on-line’ at https://www.gov.uk/apply-first-provisional-driving-licence it usually only takes about 2 weeks to receive.

You may be wondering how many lessons you need and then to try and budget for this amount of cost.  If you follow the link the DVLA explains clearly on average how many lessons you MAY need in order to be ready to take a practical driving test, as a guide only – http://www.ahddrivingschool.co.uk/videos-assist-learner-drivers/.  We get asked many times by people how many lessons they are likely to need and despite them asking parents, friends, even other driving instructors that may be friends of theirs, the DVLA know what they are talking about as they are the governing body that regulate Driving Instructors and unfortunately you will hear different information which is like ‘Chinese whispers’, and information gets misconstrued, so watch the video before making your final decision to commit to driving lessons as you will find it helpful.

Lessons can be one hour or two hours generally per week, again, depending on the amount of time you have available and the amount of money you are able to spend on a weekly basis.  If you want to pass quickly then it might be that you consider one of our intensive courses http://www.ahddrivingschool.co.uk/lessons/intensive/


How do I steer the vehicle as I have never driven a vehicle before..?

Watch the video which demonstrates how to steer the car correctly using the ‘pull push’ method which you will be shown by your Driving Instructor on your first driving lesson.

How do I use the clutch pedal as I have never driven a vehicle before..?

Watch the video which demonstrates how the clutch is operated and your Driving Instructor on your first lesson will help you understand how the clutch works and to get you driving on your first lesson.

‘Nursery Routes’

‘Nursery routes’  which are quieter road systems with not many vehicles, are generally used on your first driving lesson just in case you thought you may be driving at 70 mph on a dual carriageway!!  This will come later on during your training.

What will my Driving Instructor cover with me on my first lesson?

The Driving Instructor will go through a little bit of paperwork with you which explains about what our company is about and to find out what your own expectations are.  You may be feeling nervous too, especially if you have never driven before.  The Driving Instructor will explain to you about the vehicle you will be driving and show you the ‘cockpit drill’ to get you ready in your seat and the ‘controls’ to enable you to actually ‘drive the vehicle’.  If you have any questions at all, you must ask your driving instructor on the lesson as we are all friendly and patient in what we do.  Over the years I have been asked what the vehicle will be that they will be driving on their practical driving test, and apparently it is because they think that the Test Station has several vehicles lined up which they then use for the actual test….  Well, I can tell you that the vehicle you will be driving for your lessons will be the same vehicle you will be using for your practical test, so hopefully this allays anyone’s fears of this!

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