What lessons are available AFTER passing my practical test?

Well, you have now successfully passed the practical driving test, what is next..?

Whilst driving as a ‘learner’ / ‘beginner’, you will not have been driving on a motorway.  The closest to driving on a motorway will have been a ‘2 lane’ dual carriageway.  This can be quite a daunting experience and you may feel that you would like the Driving Instructor who taught you to pass your driving test, to now help you with being able to drive on the motorway.

You may have your own vehicle and want to have the motorway session in your own vehicle.  This can be arranged.

Also, if you need to look at insuring your vehicle there are companies that will insure your vehicle at a lesser cost if you take the following course:


You may require ‘refresher’ training‘ in 6 months time if you have not been able to drive a vehicle since passing your driving test and we will be able to help you with this too!



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