Intensive Learner Driving Lesson Costs

Why intensive? Many people get bored of having 1 lesson a week (40 lessons=40 weeks= 10 months!) and want to speed up the process. Some learners need to learn quickly for work or family commitments.

… why wait?

Intensive courses are tailored to suit your needs. If you already have some driver training experience then we can offer a 1 hour assessment to see how much training you need. We only instruct on a ‘one to one’ basis and can tailor a plan that suits your needs.

All intensive courses include a mock test* which will help you to fully prepare for the real thing. A mock test will help you learn what to expect from your driving test and increase your confidence when it comes to the actual test and would be taken with a different instructor in order for you to get used to driving with somebody different.

*The mock-test will only be available if your instructor feels that you are at or very close to test standard.

Our intensive courses are usually 2 hours per day, as we find that anything more is counter productive in that the pupil is unable to take on board any further information from the instructor, feeling quite tired.

Lessons can be taken for 2 hours per day over several weeks as a ‘semi intensive’ and is therefore charged at the normal hourly rate.

Further information about booking an intensive driving course can be found on the ‘Booking an intensive driving course‘ page.

Course Price (when taken at 2 hours per day)

10 hour blocks charged at £270.

*Price may increase for mileage, please contact us to check.

*Please note that the above time schedule depends on the individual taking the training, and therefore, the time schedule may vary accordingly.

*All intensive courses must be paid in advance. Refund for cancellation of the course by client will be at the discretion of AHD Driver Training Ltd, and paid as a percentage of notice given.

*AHD Driver Training Ltd and subsidiary companies retain the right to charge the full tuition fee if lessons are cancelled at short notice, as per our Terms and Conditions.