Campervan and Motorhome Driver Training

You may be purchasing a new campervan or motorhome, long wheel base or short wheel base, and require some instruction on how to manoeuvre your vehicle correctly from a right reverse to a bay park, motorway driving, urban driving. Whatever your driving needs, we can help you. Training is charged on an hourly basis recommending either a half day or full day’s training, with a qualified Driving Instructor.

Don’t have a van? We don’t supply vans for training. However, if you would like a session and need a van, we would recommend hiring a van local to yourself.  A number of customers who needed van training but did not have access to a van opted for this.

Your Driver Trainer will be Anita Haddon-Davies who not only has extensive experience of driving Campervans and Motorhomes, but she is exemplary at writing driver training reports and a ‘Driver Report’ and ‘Certificate of Competence’ leading on from your driver training session will be supplied to you.

Your Motorhome Training Course

Training would be for either:

  • Half day (3 hours – may be longer if 2 people training e.g 4 hours)
  • Full day (6 hours)

Please contact Anita on 07983 881013 to discuss your needs further.

Also, we are now able to offer Campervan and Motorhome Online Driver Training Courses – please contact Anita for further information and click the link here.


Recent Trainees have rated AHD the following

How would you rate your Driving Instructor?
Was your Driving Instructor patient and helpful?
How was the booking service received?
Was the Driving Instructor punctual for your lessons?
How would you rate your Driving Instructor’s communication skills?
Did the Driver Training meet your needs?
Did you find the driver training enjoyable?
Yes – and a little nerve wracking!
Would you recommend your Driving Instructor to your friends and family?

I have had fantastic tuition from your company today.  The Driving Instructor was so helpful, patient, and gave me great tips to avoid crunching those gears.  Would highly recommend your Campervan and Motorhome driver training sessions.  Thank you!
Driver One: I was pleased to find a driving instructor who could help me to understand the different techniques I would need to drive this 24 ft long motorhome. I have found the training immensely useful and I am most grateful for Anita’s teachings and advice. Thank you, I now have more confidence in keeping myself and others safe!
Driver two: First class training, wouldn’t hesitate to recommend. Learnt a lot, especially that I need to re-read the Highway Code! Thank you very much
Anita has ‘nerves of steel’ and is very patient. Would highly recommend to anyone – thank you!

Why have lessons?

Did you know that the most dangerous roads to drive on according to the Department of Transport figures are rural roads?  You can experience many hazards on this type of road such as farm vehicles pulling out from fields / side roads, mud on the road, no kerbs or street lights which hide dangers on the road, not to mention pedestrians walking in the road due to having no footpaths to use!

In Great Britain in 2017, 54% of fatalities ovansccurred on rural roads compared with 8% on motorways and 38% on urban roads. Apparently the Fire Service attend a lot of collisions in the month of September on urban roads whereby a student has walked out in front of a vehicle as they are used to looking the other way to walk across, as in their country their drivers drive on the right and kids go back to school during that time too!  Urban areas have more ‘low impact’ collisions but a high percentage of collisions within urban routes happen whilst emerging from a junction and where motorcyclists and cyclists can be hidden from view by the motorist.

Research shows that we look more at our Satellite Navigation system when driving rather than looking out for pedestrians.  This is where advanced driver training techniques can refresh your skills and demonstrate where and how you should be looking when driving and reinforces those skills that you were given when you initially passed your driving test.

Don’t you find that the hardest speed to keep to in an urban area is 30mph?  Why is this?  Do you use 4th gear when driving your motorhome or campervan in a 30mph limit / downhill and find that you go over the 30mph limit? Why is this?  A lot has changed with driver training from when we initially passed our driving test and these are things that we can help and train you with.

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