Driving Lessons in Worcester

Learning to drive in Worcester is a lovely way to learn to drive, in that it has lots of nice places to drive, including town and rural roads, and you are not far from the Worcester Test Station.  Roads that are used are the Mazak Industrial Estate road system, Cotswold Way, Woodgreen Drive, and a multitude of roads around the Worcestershire area.

AHD Driver Training Ltd has been operating as a company for many years and now have several qualified driving instructors that are knowledgeable in the field of driving. AHD Driver Training Ltd has many services that we can offer which is why many people have learnt to drive with them and passed their practical driving test first time, some with 0 minors!
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First 1 ½ hours for only £30.00
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(pupil introducing friend must have taken at least 10 hours of tuition with AHD)

AHD Driver Training Ltd is able to train someone who is complete beginner, or requiring refresher lessons, or looking to perfect their driving with Pass Plus and Advanced driver training. We can also provide driving instructor training, ADI Standards Check Training, and Fleet driver training.

We are often asked to supply an intensive course and this type of course can be useful if the person needs to pass their practical driving test in a short space of time. AHD Driver Training Ltd offers a variety of options to suit an individual person’s needs.

Driving Lessons in Worcester

Whether you are a young driver seeking to get their licence early or a seasoned traveller who needs their qualification as quickly as possible – securing a pass is essential. AHD Driving is here to guide you through the important steps of learning to drive and how to prepare yourself for the open road.

While everyone may like that need to drive, there are many real-world benefits. These include-

Increased Independence

Go where you want, when you want, without having to rely on public transport, costly taxi rides, or friends and family. Set your own schedule and save yourself time and stress by securing a licence and taking to the road.

Improved Employability

Being able to drive is an essential prerequisite for many professional and customer-facing jobs. Being able to travel to meet clients makes you eminently more employable – letting recruiters and employers know that you’re organised and responsible.

Provision of Support

A driving licence is a must have for individuals with young or extended families – allowing you to get your kids to and from school and events quickly and easily. This can also help you keep in touch with remote or elderly family members, letting you lend a hand when it’s needed most.

Future Proofing

Learning to drive is an opportunity to prepare yourself for the years ahead. This can allow you to remain responsive to life changes such as moving house, changing job, starting a family and more.

Learning to drive in Worcester

If you live in the area, it’s a perfect opportunity to build your confidence by familiarising yourself with the city’s many beautiful streets. Taking driving lessons in Worcester carry many advantages, with the area connected to the bustling West Midlands by various major roads and giving you ample opportunity to explore the region.

Tackling Worcester’s busy roads will enable you to develop skills such as navigating bus and cyclists and driving in congested situations – making it great for your test practice, manoeuvres, street driving, and more.

Worcester is a fantastic spot to develop your skills and spend time driving in urban traffic. Working with a highly experienced driving school such as AHD Driving will help you to develop your skills quickly and safely, minimising stress and helping you learn at the speed that you want to.

Get in touch

If you’re keen to learn to drive in Worcester, pass your test or get back up to speed after a long time off the road, with our refresher course, our team at AHD Driving School is here to help. With many years’ professional experience, we understand the importance of building trust with learners, letting you safely develop your confidence and achieve your end-goal of a successfully passed test. We also offer pass plus, motorway driving and campervan or motorhome training in Worcester.

You can learn more about our driving lessons in full here. via our contact us page. Alternatively, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team directly and make us aware of any specific needs you have for driving lessons in Worcester.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Our Worcester Driving Instructors

We have a team of qualified driving instructors that cover Worcestershire, including: Droitwich, Malvern, Bromsgrove, Pershore and Evesham.


All of our Driving Instructors are extremely patient and teach you to drive beyond passing your test. Most driving schools teach you to bay park with a view to parking at the test station only. We, at AHD Driver Training Ltd, teach you so that you can park anywhere, and in any place!

At AHD Driver Training Ltd, we offer many driver training services and have been working within the Worcestershire area for over 10 years and built up an extensive customer base. Clients return to us asking for other family members to receive training from us as they have trust in what we do and we can supply what they are wanting to an exceptionally high standard – you only have to see our long list of testimonials displayed within the website.

Anita Haddon-Davies set up AHD Driver Training Ltd which is now a successful business with helping people in all areas of driver training.  With the knowledge and experience that they have together as a team, you can be assured you are in the best possible hands! Anita’s experience consists of being a highly qualified instructor in the industry and publishing 2 books, Anita has over 30 years driving experience.
I was pleased to find a driving instructor who could help me to understand the different techniques I would need to drive this 24 ft long motorhome. I have found the training immensely useful and I am most grateful for Anita’s teachings and advice. Thank you, I now have more confidence in keeping myself and others safe! First class training, wouldn’t hesitate to recommend. Learnt a lot, especially that I need to re-read the Highway Code! Thank you very much. By S and S Dixon (motorhome drivers)

Simon Davies has gained the Institute of Advanced Motorists qualification. Simon has worked with the Institute of Advanced Motorcyclists as a motorcycling observer, gained the Assessor Award.
AHD Driving School. Honestly? Excellence. My entire experience from start to finish was 5 star (and I finished, passing 1st time – just Incase you were wondering). Simon (my practical instructor) was a highly experienced tutor demonstrating the perfect balance between professionalism and lighthearted, banterous friendliness. (he’s a people person, which in my opinion, is essential when behind the wheel in what seems to be a nerve wracking environment). By Shelley Eva (past pupil) via Google Reviews

Nick Ruff has been through the AHD Driver Training Ltd Instructor Programme and is a fully qualified Driving Instructor and qualified motor vehicle technician.
Just wanted to say a massive thank you to Nick. Today I passed my test. Nick is an amazing instructor, very patient and supportive. I’ve had over 4 instructors over the past few years and I can honestly say without his help, I would not have passed my test. He is a credit to your company and I will be recommending AHD Driving School to my friends and family. By Zarina A (past pupil)



These are some of our testimonials, see them all here

AHD Driving School. Honestly? Excellence. My entire experience from start to finish was 5 star (and I finished, passing 1st time – just Incase you were wondering). Simon (my practical instructor) was a highly experienced tutor demonstrating the perfect balance between professionalism and lighthearted, banterous friendliness. (he’s a people person, which in my opinion, is essential when behind the wheel in what seems to be a nerve wracking environment). Most importantly, above all, Simon understands and is sensitive to each student and their differing, specific learning needs and caters for that. For example, I’m dyslexic, learning for me is most efficient and effective when visual, kinaesthetic or creative (at time’s he thought I was crazy), but that’s the thing, he understood, accepted and adapted to my brain and it’s personality, ultimately creating the perfect learning environment.
Thank You Simon, Anita and the team at AHD Driving School. “Happiness through Service” – Indeed!
Shelley Eva – Via Google Reviews
I passed my driving test after having Nick as my driving instructor. I would just like to say that he has been an amazing support and without his patience and endless help I would have never achieved this day! He has been brilliant from start to finish, and brought my confidence back after I lost it all with a previous driving instructor/school. Thank you to both Nick and AHD Driving School!
Abbie N
Thank you very much! Appreciated all your help Simon. You have been a great instructor and will recommend to everyone.
Liana B
As a person with learning difficulties and no driving experience, driving was the most nerve-wracking and unnatural thing to me. I needed a tutor with a lot of patience and AHD was kind, patient and professional. AHD pushed me to be a confident and capable driver and offered excellent support the whole way. I passed first time and I owe that to the hard work of my tutor. Thank you AHD!
Sarah M

More About AHD

The owner of the ‘AHD’ business is up-to-date with current rules and regulations surrounding driving offences and is able to offer this within her driver training.  Other ‘AHD’ Driving Instructors who form part of the Team, are kept regularly updated and are able to give information to the client around topics such as SMART motorways which can now be part of an individual’s training before they reach test standard, theory test help and support as well as many other areas of training needs.

There are many small villages surrounding Worcester that can also benefit from our driving lesson services. Locations such as Upton Upon Severn are ideal for learner drivers as there is often less traffic around to contend with. This means the roads are more friendly to first time drivers or drivers who have recently passed to gain some experience on their own.

If you would like to book a driver training session in any of the areas mentioned above, please contact Anita on 07983 881013 or use our contact us page.

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