Advanced – save fuel

Be a smarter driver and save money…and fuel!

Are fuel prices driving you round the bend? A smarter driving style could save you £250-£350 every year!*
Why not try our ‘Eco Driving’ Assessment and book a series of Advanced training sessions to help save your fuel consumption?

Testimonial: “I put Anita’s advice into place and monitored my fuel consumption during a month. Although I expected to save money on fuel following my lesson with Anita, I was still surprised and exceptionally pleased to find I had saved just over £60 (30%) over a month!!” (AB)

Testimonial: “As a business woman who undertakes miles of motorway driving, I was concerned at the amount of fuel I was using and also aware that I had become complacent about my driving habits and techniques. After seeing a presentation from AHD and discussing my concerns, I decided to book an Eco Driving Assessment & review of my driving ability. This was the best thing I have done for a while. During our drive, Anita gave me ongoing pointers and explained where I could make changes, praised my positive techniques and by the end of an hour she could see I was beginning to make some of the changes she had suggested. We undertook both rural, urban and motorway driving to test my skills. I received a report covering what we had done and the changes I needed to practice which was useful to review. The outcome has been that I am saving money on fuel – I get more to the litre now; I am far more confident on the motorway; my signalling and use of the left had wing mirror has improved immeasurably. I would thoroughly recommend every driver have at least an hour with Anita which would enable them to save money and reduce any stress in their driving. A BIG THANK YOU to Anita” (DM)

After we have shown you how much you could save by driving economically on our assessment, we will then show you proven advanced driving techniques that will guarantee a saving in fuel. All types of road routes will be chosen to assist with your driving techniques to include dual carriageway, motorway, town driving, country lanes. After your advanced driving session, a report will be provided to enable you to continue driving using the advanced techniques learnt and, of course, even more importantly, to save fuel! These sessions can be tailored to suit an individual’s needs, for example, if the person drives more on motorways and only requires saving fuel in this area alone.


* – based on calculating the new car fuel consumption data from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders and comparing it with the average car fuel consumption per car type. The figures were then weighted according to the car proportions to give a weighted average saving.

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