How to become a driving instructor

First Steps  Application for Registration – In order to start the qualification process, all candidates should READ the  Guidance notes which set out what’s involved in becoming and being an approved driving instructor (ADI). This Guide (sometimes called the ‘ADI14’) can be accessed by clicking below:


If you possess the motivation to succeed, then you have come to the right place!

CRB Check

Obtain a criminal record check – This process is FREE and will usually take 4-6 weeks, so it’s good to apply as soon as possible (even if you haven’t decided whether to commit to your training).

Follow the link to access information to obtain a CRB check:

Legal Requirement

  • Hold a full UK or European Union unrestricted driving licence.
  • Have held a licence for a total of at least four years out of the past six.
  • Have not been disqualified from driving any time in the last four years. The decision rests with the Registrar, who will take into account any motoring convictions acquired in the last six years and/or your criminal record, if any. Any motoring offence(s) which result in current endorsements totalling five penalty points or more will be looked at closely and could result in an application being refused.
  • Be a ‘fit and proper’ person to have your name entered on the register.
  • Pass the two qualifying practical exams within two years of passing the theory test.
  • Apply for registration within 12 months of passing your final part 3 exam.
  • Additionally, to accompany a learner driver you must have held a full UK or EU/EEA driving licence in the same class of vehicle for three years and be aged 21 or over. A full licence issued in another country will count towards this three-year period, provided it is accepted under the ‘exchange’ scheme (for more details of the exchange scheme you should read section four of the DVSA booklet D100 ‘What you need to know about driving licences’ available at most Post Offices).


Our training is carried out on a ‘one to one’ basis to achieve the best possible results and give best value for money. Also, AHD Driver Training Ltd includes a mentoring service to help you along the way and enable you to gain your ultimate goal of becoming a DVSA Approved Driving Instructor.

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