Why Choose Us for your Instructor Training?

We are looking for qualified ADI’s who would like to join our Team.

  • Do you feel ‘cut-off’ working on your own and wish to be part of a growing Team?  Would like to have regular friendly ‘catch-up’ sessions with other Driving Instructors or to speak with other staff members and to be able to access regular training sessions such as Standards Check Training?
  • Perhaps you have just passed your Potential Driving Instructor exams and looking to work for an established and professional company in the Worcestershire area?
  • You may have been training with a national organisation and now feel ‘lost’ amongst lots of other driving instructors in your area as the company has ‘flooded’ your area with other driving instructors?
  • Perhaps the National Company you work for is charging you high amounts for a vehicle and franchise fee which you are finding difficult to pay each month as you do not have enough clients given to you?

If you think about the many costs involved to set up a business from the start and in order to keep a business staying afloat, a lot of people are unable to cope with this, not to mention the administration side and putting it simply do not have the knowledge and skills in order to achieve this.

We, at AHD Driver Training Ltd, have an experienced Administration team in order to run a successful business, and have procedures in place to help other Driving Instructors achieve their goal of working with a substantial amount of clients to fill their diaries on a ‘week by week’ basis and with knowing they have the backup and support from the office staff if needed.  A support network of other Driving Instructors within the business is always available to give you help and advice.

FRANCHISE  We have a proven Franchise Model that works and which will enable you to work ‘stress free’ knowing that everything has been taken care of for you.  All you have to do is ‘turn up for work!’ As you will see from searching for us via any search engine within the internet, you will find that our rankings are always high.  Not to mention our social media appearance and therefore, are able to guarantee that you will get regular work from our company. 


  • Anita has written and illustrated 2 books within driver training and has a lot of experience of training many individuals, just check out our testimonials..!!
  • Professional training company that is located in the Worcester area.
  • As well as being a highly qualified Instructor Trainer in the industry, Anita, the owner of the business has over 30 years driving experience. She has worked with the Institute of Advanced Motorcyclists as a motorcycling observer, worked in the training industry, and has gained the Certificate in Education, 730 Teacher Training awards, RSA Teachers Certificate and RSA Assessor Award. Your Instructor Trainer is a member of the Institute of Advanced Motorists, Driving Instructors Association and gained the Fleet driving qualification.
  • A complete mentoring service with advice on which books to purchase if you decide to train to become a driving instructor with us, thus reducing further costs.
  • Charges at an hourly rate for training, and if you work hard practising what you have learnt, then you can reduce your training costs even more!
  • Part 3 is the most difficult part of becoming a driving instructor, and the failure rate on this part of the ADI qualifying is the highest, but we have the expertise to help you to pass the ADI part 3 test, and in the process save you a lot of money as well.
  • AHD Driver Training Ltd offers the most flexible working arrangement of any company and our unique mentoring service enables you to take control of the learning process and make maximum use of any spare time you may have.
  • The AHD Driver Training Ltd training course is designed to get you through the ADI examination in the most effective way possible and your success is paramount to us. The training for each part is designed to be overlapped so that the development of skills can commence immediately and less time is wasted waiting for test dates or results.
  • AHD Driver Training Ltd also offers you one-to-one in-car training for Parts 2 and 3 to ensure that any training is specific to your needs and no time is wasted watching or waiting for others or being left behind. No other Potential Driving Instructor’s are in the car during your training!
  • Finally, we believe we cannot be beaten on price or payment flexibility. Our price cannot be surpassed, and matched with excellent support, high pass rate, and resources to help you with your training, combined with a personal mentoring service from a highly qualified Instructor Trainer, why choose anyone else?!


  • Thanks to your guidance I passed my Part 3 on 6 August 2014 in Birmingham! Thanks again for your assistance. (Ex Policeman)
    Mark K (Ex Policeman) - 'Thanks to your guidance I passed my Part 3'
  • Having decided to train to become an ADI I did loads of research  into the best route to take  for the training, including contacting all the large driver training companies. I soon decided the independent route was the one for me! I was looking for an  instructor  who was based in my location who would offer ‘pay as you go’ and ‘one to one’ in car instruction. After several  meetings with other companies, I met  up with Anita from AHD and decided to train with her. Having  passed Parts 1 & 2 and about to take Part 3, I have to admit, it is much more involved than I first thought and can confirm that Anita has a great approach to having to explain everything more than several times to me! The in car lessons are always ‘one to one’ and are both pleasurable and challenging. I definitely made the right choice going down the independent route, and have nothing but praise for Anita and her teaching style and driving knowledge.    
    Nick R - 'have praise for Anita and her teaching style and driving knowledge'
  • I am an ADI with 8 years experience of running a driving school in Worcestershire. Following a poor check test result I decided to enlist the help of a driving school to help with my preparation for the next test. I chose AHD Driver Training Ltd in Worcester because I had heard of their good reputation.  I found their help and advice of enormous benefit and I have learnt a great deal as well, but more to the point I achieved the Standards Check result that I wanted. I intend to continue to use their services to further my continued professional development and I would not hesitate to recommend their services to anyone, whether for Standards Check preparation, CPD or even learning to drive.
    Jeremy K - 'help and advice of enormous benefit and I have learnt a great deal as well'
  • After passing ADI part 1 and 2 I needed a school to develop my instruction skills and reach the required standard for part 3 (Instruction Ability). I commenced training with AHD in September 2011. Following our first meeting I knew instinctively that I had chosen the right organisation. Anita explained the course content but reminded me it would be hard work. I wasn’t sure how to structure my lessons but Anita explained that she could be flexible and would tailor the course to suit my needs. We soon settled into a routine and Anita monitored my progress accordingly. Anita is very experienced at driving tuition and in particular teaching PDI’s. The training is challenging, however Anita generates a very warm friendly environment and will put you at ease when things go wrong. I passed my ADI part 3 on my first attempt and I believe this was due to the high standard of tuition given to me.
    RB - 'a very warm friendly environment and will put you at ease when things go wrong'
  • Anita was helpful and informative and played an important role in my passing part 2 of the ADI Qualifying tests. I have now passed part 3 - fantastic!
    JS -'helpful and informative'
  • AHD Driving School Ltd provide an excellent, personal and professional service. The instruction is of an excellent standard and feedback is always positive. Anita communicates well and is patient in her training. She really helped me to pass my Part 3 and become qualified.
    LFH - 'excellent, personal and professional service'
  • AHD were one of several driving schools I researched and approached (including the large well-known schools) when I was considering taking up training. Of all the ones I contacted, AHD immediately stood out, particularly in terms of the quality and amount of advice I was initially given. After meeting Anita I then decided that their personal, no-nonsense and flexible approach was ideal for my needs. I am delighted with my choice! Anita is very professional in everything she does. She is totally reliable, clearly 'knows her stuff' and has the vital ability to vary her teaching methods to suit the situation. Thanks to her encouragement and skill I am now well on the way to becoming a qualified driving instructor. I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending AHD Driving School.
    MB - 'personal, no-nonsense and flexible approach was ideal for my needs'
  • AHD provides an excellent personal and professional service. The instruction is of an excellent standard and feedback is always positive. Anita communicates well and is patient in her training and I enjoy my Driving Instructor Training and look forward to passing my exams with her help!
    Lorna H - 'excellent personal and professional service'
  • Thank you both so much for the training you gave me for my Check Test. It was invaluable and without it the outcome would have been very different! Your professionalism, training methods and encouragement were exactly what I needed. Many, many thanks.
    Eveline G - 'Your professionalism, training methods and encouragement were exactly what I needed'
  • Anita was helpful and informative and played an important role in my passing Part 2 of the ADI qualifying test. I have now passed Part 3 - fantastic!
    Julia S - 'helpful and informative'

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