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Standards Check tests regularly cause a feeling of doom and dread amongst instructors. The simple truth is that a Standards Check is just a driving lesson. If you were told by your supervising examiner that your instruction was not up to standard I would strongly recommend that you seek some training before your next Standards Check and not to leave your training to the last minute!

We have the knowledge and experience to accurately assess your performance and not only ensure that you pass your next Standards Check but also raise your grade. The amount of training you will need depends upon several factors. These can only be correctly determined after the first session.

We have helped many ADI’s to change their grade.

Training is priced on a per hour basis and is usually in 2 hour sessions.

So many inexperienced instructors fall foul of the Senior Examiner on their first check because they fail to appreciate the skills needed for an excellent grade. Even more worryingly, a high percentage of experienced ADI’s are failing to make the grade by giving sub standard instruction.

The Standards Check test is a COMPETENCY based ASSESSMENT …not a Pass or Fail type test.  The marking form is much easier to understand and assesses your ability to TEACH pupils.

3 main headings:

. Lesson Planning

. Risk Assessment (minimum of 8 to be successful)

. Teaching and learning strategies

These are divided into 17 sub categories with a score of 0-3 per category allowing a mark out of 51.  To be successful you need to achieve a score of 31 or above.  The marking sheet on the Part 3 may differ slightly from the Standards Check form BUT will score in exactly the same way.  If you get less than 8 in the Risk Assessment Heading regardless of your score you will be unsuccessful.

You need to realise that the Standards Check has so many more elements for you to control and you pick the subject, the route, the skill level and experience of the pupil you provide and many more elements of the lesson that you choose to conduct.

For most ADI’s everything goes along just fine. You go about your day to day business, teaching learners and Pass Plus courses, until one day when the postman arrives, you pick up the small innocent looking envelope and open it… You’re surprised when you see that it’s from the DVSA, but your surprise turns to fear and anxiety when you read further and discover that it’s an invitation for a Standards Check!

Every so often, all qualified instructors have to undergo an ADI Standards Check, a test to confirm their ability to continue to instruct. Experienced instructors usually have a Standards Check  every 4 years, but newly qualified instructors can confidently expect their first ‘check’ within 12 months of qualifying.

Standards Check training should be much more than simply preparing for a test. When you discover how to improve your skills as an instructor, your daily routine will be less stressful and your pass rates will improve. Think about the effect that first class training could have for your business?

Testimonial: “Thank you so much for the training you gave me for my ADI Standards Check. It was invaluable and without it the outcome would have been very different! Your professionalism, training methods and encouragement were exactly what I needed. Many, many thanks.” (EG)

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