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Vast Fleet Driver Training Experience

At AHD Driver Training Ltd, we have experience of carrying out Fleet Driver Training within large and small companies. This experience includes training the driver within their own car or leased company vehicle to using their company van, to a long-wheel based vehicle.

Two Common Vans We Provide Training In:

(Our training takes place in YOUR own van).

Mercedes Sprinter

This is one of the most common vans we provide driver training in.  Our tutors have many years experience in delivering van driver training in such vehicles.

Ford Transit/Connect/Custom 

Perhaps the most well known of all vans. We can provide van driver training in all vans you provide as well as car-derived vans. With our van driver training we do focus more on manoeuvres and mirror use, as this is essential when driving such a large vehicle, with limited rear vision.

Course Content (can be tailored to individual needs and content can vary accordingly):

Forward planning and observation.

Rules of the road – Highway Code refresher of the rules

Van Manoeuvres (Right reverse around a corner and bay parking (both left/right)

Advanced mirror use

Assessing limit points in relation to a bend

All weather driving

Vehicle handling with loads

Space management and awareness

Motorway, Town and Rural driving techniques

Following the course each driver will get a full driving report outlining what was covered, and their overall risk.

Don’t have a van

We don’t supply vans for training. However, if you would like a session and need a van, we would recommend hiring a van local to yourself, and training can then be arranged to start from the van hire depot. A number of customers who needed van training but did not have access to a van opted for this.

How a Course Runs:

Our courses tend to be road-based although on occasion we have been asked to also include a theory-based session to suit your driver’s individual needs.  In-car training takes place in a driver’s own car/van. The course is bespoke and based on the needs of the driver, although follows a set format, which covers

An Initial Drive 

In order to assess the driver’s level of experience and skill after the initial introductions and vehicle safety checks.  The driver should drive the way they normally do with no input from the tutor, for around 20 minutes.

An assessment of the driving is carried out and this forms an excellent basis to build on the session, as both the driver and tutor can see the areas which need most development. This helps create a truly bespoke training session.


The driver is asked for their ‘3’ priority needs from the initial driving session to be given coaching on, with the Trainer continually referring back to what the individual driver feels are ‘their own needs’ for the session rather than what the Trainer feels ‘should’ be worked on.  Techniques used such as (s)ituation (b)ehaviour and (i)mpact during the coaching session are used in order for the driver to have a better understanding of what they need to work on during the session.

Training takes place on a range of roads including urban driving, out of town (rural) driving, and motorway/dual carriageways.


At the end of the course there will be a two way debrief, where the Trainer will provide feedback on the session, and where feedback from the driver is also encouraged.

A comprehensive Training Report for each driver will be provided at the end of the session.  A .pdf report will be sent to you within 3 days after each training session.

Why Have Fleet Driver Training?

The Corporate Manslaughter Bill became law on the 6th April 2008.  The Act introduces an important part of legislation for very serious senior management failures which result in fatality.  Prosecutions will be of the corporate body, having the ability to prosecute directors or other individuals under health and safety law or the general criminal law.  The corporate body itself and individuals can also still be prosecuted for separate health and safety offences.

Employers have a ‘duty of care’ for their drivers who use a vehicle within work time to carry out business on behalf of the company they work for.  Some organisations may extend their Fleet Driver Training to employees who only drive to/from work and individuals that may have a ‘car share’ to/from work. Again, there are Fleet Risk Management procedures that have to cover this particular type of driver training.  

The above information is one important reason why it is necessary to seek Fleet Risk Management through your Corporate Fleet Management Department and contact us without delay so that we can help you to get your employees Fleet Risk Management checked.

A lot of companies are now using tracker systems on their company fleet of vehicles in order to track their vehicle fleet movements.  Are the drivers taking extra time in carrying out their deliveries, driving along routes that are not the routes specified by the company, having extra long breaks?  All of these things impact on the company they are working for.

You may be a company whereby your employees have had several vehicle accidents and/ or had fatalities with members of the public as well as fatalities amongst the actual drivers themselves.  This is serious enough to have put in place a Fleet Driver Training Programme within your organisation as your company may be liable for prosecution against the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2008.

We do find that a lot of drivers don’t actually receive any advanced driver training within their company until an ‘incident’ has occurred which then prompts the training.  ‘Prevention is better than the cure’ should be taken into account in order to assess whether the training is required! Don’t leave it until it is too late. What would be the consequences to your company and individuals within it be, if a driver killed a member of the public or even another member of staff whilst simply reversing in the company car park?  YOU could be responsible…. 

How Much Does The Training Cost?

The training can be given flexibly, from one trainee for half a day for 3.5 hours at £220 total price, to training drivers in pairs over a full day for 7 hours at £380 total price. 
(Please note we DON’T charge VAT on these prices like other organisations may have to).

We have experience of working for large organisations such as Ocado, Laura Ashley, E P Morris and Field Sales Solution.   Also, Anita Haddon-Davies is a Fleet Driver Trainer for a major UK nationwide delivery company. Anita’s experience extends to training in vehicles up to 3.5 tonne, including Mercedes automatic 2.5 diesel vans, 1.3 diesel Combo car derived vans (CDV) and transits (SPV).

If you are an employer and are interested in finding out more, please don’t hesitate to call Anita on 07983 881013 or email anita@ahddrivingschool.co.uk


Fleet Driver Training In Worcester


Anita has provided a valuable resource for our company and has helped us complete advanced driver training for a range of clients including Laura Ashley and in recent months, Ocado and EP Morris Ltd. She excels in all areas of her work and is clearly very passionate about driver improvement and educating drivers. Anita is punctual, has excellent communication skills and has exemplary post-course report writing skills – of which we have featured on our website to show potential customers. We always get feedback from all our clients about our Trainers and quality of training. Anita has always been described as either very good or outstanding, which is encouraging for not only her, but for us as a commercial business, that relies on quality outsourced ADIs.

Rob M.

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