ROAD WORTHINESS REPORT – An interesting read!

The following research has been sent to me which can be found at the link below – it is an extremely comprehensive report too!  The report is covering all types of ‘roadworthiness’ such as:

  • 36% of drivers haven’t looked at the Highway Code since they passed their test
  • 20% of motorists haven’t looked at the Highway Code in over 10 years and only 11.5% have read it in the past year
  • Exactly 70% of drivers believe you should get in the left hand lane as soon as possible when there is a lane closure

The last point is quite interesting which poses the following question: What happens if on the SMART motorway the left-hand lane is ‘closed’ displaying the red ‘X”. The driver’s thinking that you should get in the left-hand lane as soon as possible when there is a lane closure will be driving on ‘habit’.  Therefore, are they more likely to move into the left-hand red ‘X’ closed lane? Also, does this mean that a lane closure is always to the right of the driver as this is not always the case on the SMART motorway.  In fact a lot of the time the left-hand lane is closed.  A lot of drivers reporting to me have said that they have noticed that there are less drivers ‘driving faster speeds’ in the outer lane on the motorway.  Is this because they are more likely now than ever before to get caught driving over the speed limit?

Have a read of the report and make your own mind up! The report is compiled of exclusive data and other reliable sources and looks at why accidents and breakdowns happen in the UK, and where they are most likely to take place,

You can view the full report here –

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