Road rage concern for motorists

ADI News Article Wednesday 19 December 2018


A new survey has revealed that 43% of motorists say they have been victims of road rage.

The survey of over 2,000 motorists found that 20% of male motorists admit to being aggressive after incidents on the road, in comparison to 11% of women.

80% of female drivers saying that an aggressive incident stayed with them several hours after the event, women feel more affected by road rage.

The annual RAC Report on Motoring found that aggression of other road users is one of the top overall concerns of motorists in 2018. 28% of drivers surveyed identified aggression of others as a worry for them on the roads.

Aggressive driving can include shouting or swearing at other drivers, tailgating, even getting out of the vehicle to confront someone. If the police consider your behaviour to mean you are driving without due care and attention you could face an on the spot £100 fine and three penalty points. If your case is deemed serious enough to go to court, the fine could be anything up to £2,500 and you may face a driving ban.