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We can offer you the complete driver training experience, from being a complete beginner, learning to drive, motorway lessons, refresher training, advanced and fleet driver training, to training to become a Driving Instructor and ADI Standards Check Training. We also have experience of training people with the following conditions:

Dyspraxia, Dyslexia, Aspergers, Autism, Spacial Awareness and ADHD.

Learner Driver Training

In order to learn to drive, you will firstly need to apply for your Provisional Driving Licence and this will need to be made available to your Driving Instructor on your 1st driving lesson. We can supply the D1 Application for a Driving Licence Form to you if required. When you apply to take your Theory Test ensure you use the website www.direct.gov.uk to book, as other third party websites will charge you a booking fee on top of the actual Theory Test price. If an individual requires a semi intensive Driver Training Course this can be carried out over a period of either 20, 30 or 40 hours with our Company. http://www.ahddrivingschool.co.uk/lessons/

Motorway Lessons

After you have passed your practical driving test with us, ensure you book a motorway lesson as it can be quite a daunting experience otherwise. We will help you to gain confidence whilst driving correctly on the motorway. How to enter/exit a motorway and procedure for moving lanes as well as learning to drive at the correct speed safely. http://www.ahddrivingschool.co.uk/lessons/motorway/

Refresher Training

We train people from all walks of life, e.g. French, Polish, that firstly have the language barrier to overcome, as well as already being a qualified driver but on a Driving Licence from a different country to more mature students who have had a Driving Licence from the early 1940’s and only drive on a Sunday! Lessons can be tailored to suit the individual’s needs and given on a weekly basis on either a 1 or 2 hour lesson.  http://www.ahddrivingschool.co.uk/lessons/refresher/

Advanced Driver Training

We have trained business people who drive on a daily basis on different types of roads and routes and have improved their driving techniques and saved on fuel consumption, by having their current driving habits assessed. Each driver has been taken on routes to include motorway, rural, town and dual carriageway as well as some manoeuvres if required. Common factors show that most people either ignore completely or only use occasionally their mirrors. Also, that there is not a common sequence when using the mirrors, even to the point of not understanding why and when we need to use mirrors and that there is a different view given when looking in the centre mirror as opposed to checking the door mirror. When looking in the door mirror vehicles and pedestrians will look much further away that what they are by looking in the centre mirror. The glass in the door mirror is convex rather than a flat glass that is contained in the centre mirror. http://www.ahddrivingschool.co.uk/lessons/motorway/

Motorhome and Campervan Driver Training

You might be wanting to gain experience of driving your Motorhome or Campervan for the first time.  Have you thought about the need to be able to drive your vehicle if your partner who perhaps drives it most of the time, falls ill and you need to take over the driving?  You will be shown things to check for on your vehicle before you drive it.  A lot of people just get in the vehicle without checking it first and you need to be able to know what these important checks are, so why not give us a call on 07983 881013 to discuss further and visit our webpage: http://www.ahddrivingschool.co.uk/lessons/campervan-and-motorhome-driver-training/

Fleet Driver Training

Irrespective of whether an individual, company or organisation undertakes a road safety or Fleet Driver Training programme, the results reach beyond those directly involved. Programmes result in drivers having a greater understanding of their responsibility and how this may affect their company or organisation. This is demonstrated through enhanced driving techniques, improved behaviour and a more responsible attitude.

Such an improved approach to road safety and driving by the individual will lead to an enhanced public image of a company or organisation by the public, saving in running costs and safeguarding individuals and company or organisations assets. Above all the safety of the individual driver, passengers and the general public is improved.

In addition to the individual benefits of enhanced safety, organisations will see a reduction in their overall fleet fuel costs, vehicle incident rates, down time, insurance premiums and general maintenance costs. Some 65% of road traffic crashes/accidents involve a vehicle driven on company business.

Companies are not immune from the real costs of crashes/accidents involving staff whilst driving in their own time for personal and private business. Added to the personal suffering of employees and families, organisations can suffer tremendous financial loss through down time, lost production. Such programmes extend beyond the company or organisation as information is disseminated to family, friends and the general public.

Courses can combine both theory and practical training. The theory aspect looks at the risks to individuals and offers coping strategies tailored to the organisation. The practical in-car assessments and training raise awareness of the individual driver to their responsibilities. http://www.ahddrivingschool.co.uk/fleet/

How To Become a Driving Instructor

Our training is carried out on a ‘one to one’ basis to achieve the best possible results and give best value for money. Also, we include a mentoring service to help you along the way and enable you to gain your ultimate goal of becoming a DVSA Approved Driving Instructor.

AHD Driver Training Ltd offers the most flexible working arrangement of any driving school and our unique mentoring service enables you to take control of the learning process and make maximum use of any spare time you may have.

The training course is designed to get you through the ADI examination in the most effective way possible and your success is paramount to us. The training for each part is designed to be overlapped so that the development of skills can commence immediately and less time is wasted waiting for exam dates or results.

AHD Driver Training Ltd also offers you one-to-one in-car training for Parts 2 and 3 to ensure that any training is specific to your needs and no time is wasted watching or waiting for others or being left behind.

Finally, our ‘value for money’ package cannot be surpassed, and matched with excellent support and resources to help you with your training combined with a personal mentoring service, why choose anyone else?! http://www.ahddrivingschool.co.uk/instructor-training/

ADI Standards Check Training

The first DVSA Standards Check for a newly qualified ADI can be a daunting prospect. Although if approached properly armed with an up to date insight into what the DVSA Standards Check requirements are, then the new ADI cannot only get through the experience successfully, but afterwards expect to enjoy greater job satisfaction, knowing that his or her performance is ‘up to standard’. This can result in better instructor performance and subsequently, greater income and job security.

Although experience brings with it the confidence that we have met most common situations before, we often get comfortable in the job using the methods that have got us through over time. Before long if we are not careful we can tend to get stale, using outdated methods and worn out teaching practices that are not up to the present demands of the job.

This is very often the problem when an experienced ADI is asked to present him or herself for a DVSA Standards Check.  It therefore makes sense to have your instructional skills checked out and updated before your next DVSA Standards Check. http://www.ahddrivingschool.co.uk/instructor-training/check-test-training/

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